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Best places to travel in June


Although it seems so Spring has just arrived, it is never too early to think about a summer vacation. With the kids finally out of school and each colleague almost done when June runs around, this is one of the most popular months to travel, meaning that the usual suspects like New York City or Italy are being overrun. To avoid having to spend your entire holiday online or on the road, you should book a June holiday in an unexpected location such as the Arctic Circle Canada or to remote islands in Norway, Or to LGBTQ Pride festivals in cities you never thought you would have providence and St. Louis, Before deciding where to book your summer trip, take a look at our 12 best destinations in June.

1. Yukon Territory, Canada

Main street with typical traditional wooden houses in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

Photo: Shutterstock

June is the longest day of the year, and where better to enjoy the sunlight than the northernmost party city in North America Dawson City? Here you can visit the oldest casino in Canada Diamond Tooth Gerties around 2 o'clock in the morning until dazzling sunlight and hike through the border roads to the field Sourdough Salonto throw back one of the famous Sourtoe cocktails that contain a real, petrified human toe. You can also do nighttime walks to the Midnight Dome, where the sun may not stay up all night, but you can enjoy views of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers after 23:00.

To get deep into the wilderness, jump on a bush plane Ilinniarvik-base camp in the Ivvavik National Park. Fly directly into the heart of the British Mountains above the Arctic Circle and learn about the culture from your Inuvialuit guides. With the exception of mid-June to mid-July, Parcs Canada offers this experience and is therefore the ideal time to visit northern Canada.

2. London, England

Queen's soldier at Queen's birthday parade

Photo: Bikeworldtravel/ Shutterstock

The only season you hear when someone tries to phrase a case London The weather is in June when the city's short summer brings locals in droves. Regent's Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and just about every other public space with a green space will be packed, as will the rooftop bars and patios in the city's many pubs.

June is also festival season in London, where Regent's Park the Taste of London June 19-23 This weekend, 50,000 people will be filling the park to sample the finest restaurants in London and learn how to cook the food from the best chefs in the city. You can also enjoy the nice weather with a great side of music Hampton Court Palace Festival, one of many outdoor music festivals currently taking place. The new baby fever may have settled down to June, but on June 8, the entire country is still celebrating the Queen's public birthday. The queen has two birthdays, but the second Saturday in June is fun, which includes bombastics Collect the color ceremony and parade.

3. Deadwood, South Dakota

Old historic clock in the old west town of Deadwood, South Dakota

Photo: Jess force/ Shutterstock

Fans of Hit HBO Show Already knows that it is planned to return on May 31, and with renewed interest in deadwood The television show Deadwood the City prepares for a rush of curious visitors. This sunny city in In South Dakota Black Hills is full of history from the Wild West, where you can visit the funeral homes of Calamity Jane and Bill Hickock on Mount Moriah or take a sightseeing tour of the enchanted, historic Bullock Hotel, Or a drink in the Buffalo Bodega, the oldest bar in the state feels like outlaws and shootings.

Deadwood is also not afraid to head to the Old West area, offering daily Wild West shootouts on the streets, a game that tracks the trail of Jack McCall (who murdered Hickock) and a "Lawman's Patrol." Walking Tour ", in which a re-enactor attends, shows you past all the old brothels, saloons and arcades. It's also a short – to South Dakota standards – drive to Mount Rushmore and Badlands National Park,

4. Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Gay Pride Fest

Photo: Anthony Ricci/ Shutterstock

Every weekend in Providence will be a good time as America's largest university city never lacks nightlife, bars or affordable restaurants. In June, when the weather gets warmer and the school comes out, the city really shines. The month starts with PVD hard 6.-9th June, where art installations, live music and dance take over the streets and parks of Providence. The party will continue next weekend Rhode Island Prideone of the largest in the country and one of the few with a lit night parade.

June is also your only chance of the year to visit many historic homes of Providence, though Festival of historical houses guides you through these private 18th-century masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries. Then try the best food in town CRAVE RIwhere over 100 restaurants and 150 beer sellers will be sampling their produce from June 20-21. Even if you miss that, you can visit Federal Hill – one of America's best little Italian – and be full Constantino Venda's famous ravioli.

5. Norway

Bergen, Norway

Photo: Mark and Anna photography/ Shutterstock

Despite the almost permanent darkness of winter, Norway has recently been named one of the happiest places in the world. We bet that the poll in the long days of Summer-when the ice melts off the Arctic coast and the whole country feels reborn. The largest celebration of the month takes place in Bergen, where the annual Bergen Festival Music Festival runs from the 15th to the 20th in the picturesque coastal town.

Once you've filled up with music, you can explore all the places you can not reach in winter. Expedition cruises through the Norwegian Sea, polar bears, polar foxes, icy wastes and icy fjords. Intrepid Travel offers 11 days Spitsbergen ExplorerWe will take you to one of the northernmost inhabited places in the world in the Svalbard Archipelago, where colorful houses fill the frozen coast and resort to massive glaciers.

6. St. Louis, Missouri

City of St. Louis skyline

Photo: f11photo/ Shutterstock

America's least expensive summer destination is St. Louis, where your family can explore the animals St. Louis ZooEnjoy the splendor of the urban green spaces in the Forest Park or spend an afternoon at the St. Louis Art Museum, all for free.

Of course there is also the relaxed summer spectacle of St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are some of the best baseball experiences in the country. St. Louis also has an annual one Shakespeare Festival in the Forest Park until June 23, where you can bring a picnic and blanket this year and enjoy a free performance Lost love effort. The month ends with Proud of St. Louiswhere Soldier's Memorial Park hosts one of the largest Midwestern Pride celebrations from June 29th to 30th.

7. Portugal

Azores island water adventure

Photo: RavenEyePhoto/ Shutterstock

Apart from Iceland, no national airline in one country has done more to bring the world to its homeland than TAP Portugal, And in June, the options will be even better. TAP adds a new nonstop service Lisbon Chicago O'Hare on June 1, San Francisco on June 10 and Washington Dulles on June 16. TAP is also embarking on an Icelandair program by offering a "stopover" program as part of its program Portugal Itineraries where you can book a flight San Francisco to the Azores islandsand "Layover" in Lisbon for up to five days at no extra charge. So basically, wherever you want to explore the country, you can spend a few days in the capital.

The Azores are particularly appealing in summer when the sun shines in front of the green volcanic mountains and the warm waters are among the best dive sites in the North Atlantic. Azores getaways still offers all kinds of incredibly cheap offers. You can also take a river cruise along the Duomo River and sunbathe on the upper deck as you sneak past buildings hundreds of years ago. Or enjoy the feast of Saint Anthony on June 13, when Lisbon celebrates the patron saint of the country with a hard party.

8. Switzerland

Old town of Basel

Photo: DiegoMariottini/ Shutterstock

It's the most artistic month of the year in a country where you can paint almost anywhere. June 11 marked the beginning of Art in the Park in Zurich Baur Au Lac, the city's largest outdoor art exhibition, attracts art lovers and connoisseurs from around the world. Practically, it stops just days before Art Basel from the 13th to the 16th of June in the city of Basel (yes, here comes the name of the international event.)

In contrast to his massive Miami The original Art Basel is actually about the art in which the greatest gallerists in the world meet to present works by more than 4,000 artists. It also includes a film section, installations throughout the city and works by famous artists. Art Basel has parties, yes, but in general it's all about the art itself. So, if you're expecting South Beach East, maybe try it Ibiza instead.

9. France

Normandy beach

Photo: Meiqianbao/ Shutterstock

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy. Or D-Day, as it is said shortly. The storming of the beaches is considered America's largest European victory in World War II, and the region will spend a whole month in parades, fireworks and even parachutists dropping into the drop zone of the famous invasion. It is the strange battlefield of the USA, where you can spend the night in a nearby 17th-century castle as a historic castle Chateau de Courtomer is only 30 minutes from some of the battlefields in the interior.

Even though Paris A few hours from Normandy, June is also one of the best months to get there. The summer solstice on June 21 brings the annual Fete de la Musique, where free concerts take place on stages with music from almost every genre. You can see a show at some of the city's most famous landmarks, from the Louvre to the banks of the Seine.

10. Grenada

We only need two words to make you worried about your visit to the Caribbean in the summer: chocolate Festival, The hottest island in the region prepares for the annual Chocolate Fest from May 31st to June 7th, where you can do anything from making organic chocolate beauty products to a chocolate yoga and meditation class. There are also a full week of trekking through the tropical forests of Theobroma Cacao, visits to chocolate plantations and many other ways to use "cultural immersion" as an excuse to celebrate Halloween in June.

The Mount Cinnamon Resort goes perfectly with Chocolate Fest and offers 40 percent off the usual prices during the festival, two chocolate facials and a chocolate cooking demonstration. It is located directly above the beach of Grand Anse. So if you are not in top beach shape after a week of cocoa, you still have a perfect view of one of the beaches The most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean from your room

11. Tel Aviv, Israel
20th Annual Tel Aviv Pride Week

Photo: ColorMaker/ Shutterstock

Okay, yes, it could be a bit hot Israel during the midsummer. But do you know what cools you off a brutal desert sun? Champagne showers float on a parade during the biggest Pride event in the Middle East. Tel Aviv Stolz attracts 250,000 people from around the world from 9 to 14 June. The full-day parade on the final day winds its way through the city streets and ends with a massive beach party on Charles Clore Beach, where revelers take away the after-sunset celebrations.

Although it is perfectly fine to spend a holiday that is nothing more than drinking and celebrating, Tel Aviv is also one of the best underrated cities of the world for art lovers, Take a stroll through the galleries of Nahalat Binyamin Street, watch street art and cool off in museums like the modern day Tel Aviv Museum of Art,

12. Sydney, Australia

Australian Flora Ballet

Photo: Andrew Thoma Huang & Bemo

Is it winter? Australia? Yes, that in the middle of winter, to be exact. What does temperatures mean in Sydney will fall to a cold 62 degrees. So, pack a light jacket as the crowd gets smaller, hotel prices drop, and Australia's largest city is taken over by the largest lights festival in the southern hemisphere.

Lively Sydney runs from May 24 to June 15, where large light installations illuminate the "winter sky" with projections on buildings throughout the city including the famous Sydney Opera House. This iconic building will hold a concert by The Cure and "Lighting of the Sails," an Austral Flora ballet. And the Lively ideas The series will feature lectures by Spike Lee and Where should we start? Podcaster Esther Perel.

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