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Google Takes Another Step Toward Global (Travel) Domination


We treat Google on our blog a lot, especially because we've seen the meteoric rise of travel and know that its hospitality industry position, with its wealth of cash, its innovative culture and its role in hotel discovery, will only continue to grow.

In fact last year Valuation benchmark reportWe shared that Google ratings last year accounted for 70% of net growth on all review sites, indicating that while other review sites were slowing, Google gained momentum. This year's Reputation Benchmark Reportwill next month show that Google 2018 became the largest aggregator of hotel reviews with 31.7% of the 2018 rating. Last year it grew by 75%, while many other OTAs grew slowly.

The review volume is just an indication that Google is becoming a travel wave. Your constantly evolving travel product is different. On November 5th, we released one blog Article the evolving hotel offering and the importance of Google Hotel Ads for hoteliers looking to benefit from bookings initiated with Google. We've found that Google Hotel Ads allow hotels to compete effectively with OTAs and track bookings by appearing in the search results before the OTAs.

The recent changes show that the company is more seriously confronted with overtaking OTAs with their money a metasearch and booking Tool that becomes a one stop shop for travel. Here's how it works: Once you've entered a destination city, you'll see the hotel's "tiles" (on the desktop) and the city's well-known map of hotel prices. Google even tells you if you're getting an offer based on historical price data. You can also filter by rating, convenience or deal to make sure you find the best hotel for your needs.

When you click on a hotel, there is a highlighted "book now" button, but also many options to get more information about the hotel, including reviews from Google and other aggregators, prices, photos posted by the hotel and visitors, and Location information and general information. Hoteliers will also appreciate that Google makes it easy to visit or visit the hotel's website with prominent links. This is in sharp contrast to the OTAs, which do not provide hotel contact information and prevent visitors from leaving the site.

Also new, as skift Notes, is the ability to book directly with Google. "When the user selects one of the online travel agents or other Metasuch advertisers, the traveler navigates to the third-party website to book. However, there is often an option to book directly with Google, for example, at Travelocity or Agoda. "If you can book without leaving Google, this is a significant change and signals that a larger portion of the pie is desired.

While the tab was not available to me when I wrote this article, other users see one Google Flightsindicates that Google, like Airbnb, would like to use the entire trip, not just the hotel or the flight. The idea is that after booking your hotel, you can find the best flight and sort by preferences, such as: Eg by airline, stops, price and more. The process also works in reverse order. If you start to book a flight, you can book a hotel the same way.

As others have noted, these changes suggest that Google wants to play a key role in travel planning and booking, while being careful to treat hotels with respect. While Google Hotel Ads is likely to be a necessary and growing part of hoteliers' budget to make bookings that begin with Google, the search giant is proving to be a good partner by updating hotel-generated content and bringing visitors to the hotel Possibility to visit the internet hotels website.

As always, we encourage hotels to review the reviews and content displayed by Google. Protect yours call is more important than ever for keeping a booking. You do not want to lose a booking to an OTA on Google, but you Really I do not want to lose a booking to a competitor. The constant expansion of Google in the hotel industry should pay attention to every hotelier. We recommend keeping an eye on this channel as it keeps growing.

And make sure your previous guests return without exploring other hotel options, always using the relevant and timed offers Revitalize marketing, If you treat your guests well and understand their needs and preferences, they will return again and again.

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