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Best places to stand-up paddle board


Stand-up paddle boardingor SUPing, as it is known colloquially, has taken the world by storm since it was used by the surf gods of Hawaii, It seems like anyone who spends time near the water, be it on a river, a lake or an ocean, with a heavy board under his arm and a long paddle in his hand. SUPing holidays are now very much in vogue. For a bit more than just paddling on the upcoming SUP vacation – like enjoying snowy mountain panoramas or sampling excellent local winesor a historic city tour – we recommend these incredible places to stand around the world.


Ms. SUPING in the tropics

Photo: Studio peace/ Shutterstock

Those looking for warm water and island vibes often jump over the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, instead heading to the well-known islands of the Indian Ocean Caribbean, However, if you are looking for upscale accommodation at an affordable price, you should definitely consider this Mauritius, The more than 200 km of coastline in Mauritius is full of luxury hotels, most of which have the option of going into the water on a stand-up paddle board as part of their overnight stay. In this way, you can paddle the board as much as you like, as often as possible, and really enjoy only the experience of SUP learning. With warm, clear water, where turtles and starfish live, there is no better way to spend the day. If you get the hang of it and have time for a lunch break, you can choose from several excellent seafood restaurants along the Grand Baie and Black River marinas.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

SUPers in Amsterdam

Photo: M & M SUP Amsterdam/ Facebook

If you prefer to trade sunny beaches and remote island destinations for a more energetic place then visit Netherlands, The vibrant, historic city of Amsterdam is the perfect destination for stand-up paddle boards. The city is criss-crossed by 165 canals, and seeing from a SUP offers a completely unique perspective. On a guided tour, you can paddle past crooked buildings and historic sites as you explore the history of Amsterdam through outfits M & M SUP Amsterdam Or go on your own into the suburbs and discover the world of tree-lined canals, parks and serenity. Other SUPing options include guided tours to castles and windmills or at night to the water to see the full moon or city lights.

Lake Tahoe, California

Paddleboarding, surrounded by mountains

Photo: Topseller/ Shutterstock

In the winter months the mountain landscapes are surrounded California Lake Tahoe has some of the best ski lifts in the world. In summer, however, the largest mountain lake in North America comes into its own – the picturesque mountains are reflected in the clear water below. The water can be cool, given the unbelievable depth of the lake of over 600 meters and the snow thawing in the spring, but the beauty of this destination is hard to beat. While California hosts more SUPing spots than anyone can count, Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful: the pine trees, shallow water and mountain scenery are perfect. The lake is home to a large community of stand-up paddle boarders, so you're in good company. Several adventure sports centers are available for lessons and rentals.


Candice Applebee joins the Buffalo Classic Big Board in the Stand Up Paddle Division

Photo: Mana Photo/ Shutterstock

No list of the world's best stand-up paddle boarding spots would be complete without mentioning Hawaii. Known as the birthplace of surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, the sport was made famous by the beach boys of Hawaii, who came up with the idea in the 1960s. SUP yoga, surfing SUP, SUP tours and even SUP fishing are popular leisure pursuits in Hawaii for both locals and tourists. The Big Island offers a range of easily accessible SUPing spots. Kealakekua Bay is a popular favorite due to the clarity of the water. On the Big Island, there are plenty of day trips for anyone wanting to explore the island's natural beauty, combining SUPing experience with amazing snorkeling, cliff diving and beach picnics. The rivers and sheltered bays of Kauai also offer easy stand-up paddle boarding locations, while Oahu is a great option for anyone looking to get away from the crowd.

The Canadian Rockies

Canadian landscape, with turquoise water lake, pine forest and Rocky Mountains

Photo: Sandra Mori/ Shutterstock

A similar calling to Lake Tahoe, Canada The best stand-up paddle-boarding spots feature flat, wide expanses of pristine lakes, surrounded by sprawling forests, at the foot of majestic snow-capped mountain ranges. This is particularly the case in the Canadian Rockies, where calm, clear waters and secret beaches provide the opportunity to connect with nature and immerse themselves in a surreal environment that defines loneliness. You'll find paddle board rentals in places like the popular Lake Louise in Banff National Park, For a more remote escape route, the crystal clear reflections of Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park are unforgettable The lonely boathouse rents only canoes. So you have to drive to this location with your own board.

Cape Town, South Africa

A scenic view of the turquoise waters of the Langebaan Lagoon at Kraalbaai with houseboats and other boats in the water with a clear blue sky

Photo: Louis Lotter Photography/ Shutterstock

Cape Town, South Africa, has a variety of places where you can go for a swim, be it for the first time on a coastal excursion or surfing at Big Bay or Muizenberg, located on both sides of the Cape Peninsula. If you want to combine your passion for stand-up paddle boarding with a tour of this beautiful region, you'll find plenty of SUPing spots along the coast just hours from the city. Head north along the West Coast Langebaan for flat turquoise waters or the famous Garden Route and discover idyllic rivers winding through lush forests. After you have finished paddling, there are many to do other thingsfrom Abseiling from Table Mountain Enjoy the incredible food and wine of the region's vineyards.


Young man is floating on a SUP board

Photo: Kuznetcov_Konstantin/ Shutterstock

Thailand's beaches are known for attracting hordes of tourists looking for a cheap sand-and-sun holiday. To escape the crowds, you can explore the secret caves and bays of the many islands in the country on a stand-up paddle board. Krabi is probably the most picturesque place to explore from a SUP, both from the sea and the land side. A variety of inland rivers and caves complete the majestic beaches and rock formations. The tiny island of Phi Phi is also a great place to escape from everyday life. If you are here SUPing, you should definitely grab a snorkel, as the island is dotted with hidden places where large swarms of colorful fish in shallow waters can be seen.


Young woman doing doing stand up scoop board in a lake

Photo: Fernando Carnevale/ Shutterstock

If you are looking for a life-changing experience and can take colds, then Norway offers a stand-up paddle boarding experience that is second to none. See the majestic fjords of your SUP and have a deep view of this part of the world while watching seals, dolphins and whales. Most SUP tours take place around Sognefjord, the longest navigable fjord in the world. You can undertake multi-day expeditions across the fjords, including the spectacular Nærøyfjord – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an exceptional landscape. Certain extreme adventures have even brought the experience to new heights by traveling the fjords in search of the Northern Lights.

Northern Portugal

Landscape of the Douro river in Portugal

Photo: Simon Dannhauer/ Shutterstock

Far away from the tourist beaches in the south PortugalIn the north of the country there are vineyards, paving stones and authentic cultural experiences. Outside the city of Porto you can rent a stand-up paddle boat or do a SUP tour and dare down the Douro River and use your time to drink the view or the stand-up paddle board to one of the riverside wine farms. This region is home to some of the oldest wine farms in the world that still offer the best wine and food you can ever taste. Further north, towards Spain, the port city of Viana do Castelo offers SUPing adventures along the Lima River, with the currents helping to give you the right direction.

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