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Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines for March 2019 – APAC


It's the end of the month, and hoteliers around the world are putting together email campaigns for the next month. At the same time, we analyzed the campaigns that were most successful last March. Last year, we collected the most powerful subject lines from our APAC customers, which together had an average 34% opening rate! Not too shabby. Hopefully, they will help you build your next successful campaign.

Take a look at the top subject lines from last March:

1st subject line: [GUEST FIRST NAME]love surprises? This e-mail is for you

Why we love it: People love secrets. This provides a tantalizing surprise when you're just ready to open it. Who could resist?

2nd subject line: Family fun starts here!

Why we love it: A short, striking subject line that matches a specific part of your audience can often be a winner. This is a great example.

3rd subject line: [Hotel] Silver Wins + Accommodation Offers + Crayfish Club Sandwich

Why we love it: A little boasting has never hurt a hotel. Here's a great example of how to combine that with a special offer (and in this case with a delicious treat) that brings people to the door.

4. Subject line: HOLIDAY SALE TIME! Past guests Get the jump.

Why we love it: Create a sense of exclusivity by giving your former guests the jump in the new sale.

5. Subject line: Last chance: UP TO 40% DISCOUNT

Why we love it: A significant discount offer is usually popular with guests, especially guests who have stayed at your place and know the value of your hotel.

There you will find the most important topics for hotel marketing in March, based on Revinate's APAC customer data. It is always a good idea to plan this range in good time. You can use ours E-mail Marketing Planner 2019 to do just that.

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