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Find a fulfillment A job with which you can travel the world is not as rare as it seems. Apart from short-term or voluntary opportunities, there are jobs in all sorts of areas, from health care to solid technologies. There are plenty of opportunities for professional development and a stable income here. If you are looking for a new challenge, here are some of the best careers you can take to travel the world.

1. Teach English

Native speakers can think about financing a life abroad by teaching English as a foreign language. You can choose just about any destination in the world and find apprenticeships, even in countries whose native language is English.

You need a teaching qualification to get a job, eg TEFL Certification (teaching English as a foreign language). Qualification courses can be attended online, but some of the best courses are offered lessons also. Provided you also have a university degree, within a few months you can have the qualifications you need to teach. There are many jobs From private language schools to corporate teaching to the use of Skype on-line,

2. Teaching yoga, photography, painting, music, etc.

In general, teaching is a career in which you are relatively free. If you have a niche hobby and think you are capable enough to teach others, then look for a course that will teach you how to become a teacher in this particular area.

You might think about doing the instructor course yourself abroad, for example: B. Teach yoga in Bali or one surf instructor in Australia. With a course under your belt, you can choose an already existing training center for your chosen skills or work independently. You can search for sites that offer jobs for your industry abroad, such as: Yoga, massage and well-being, or Scuba diving,

3. Cruise Ship Entertainer

You have to speak several languages, have a lot of self-confidence and an inexhaustible imagination to do this job. However, you will never get bored as you have to do everything from fashion shows to organizing children's games.

You will not have many hours off in this job, but you will be transported to the world with food and shelter. Other jobs on cruise ships offer you similar benefits and you can look for open positions on-line, It may be difficult to know which position to look for, and the interview process can be difficult Read through these tips before you apply.

4. Flight attendant

Working like a cruise ship means becoming a flight attendant, free transportation around the world, and discounted rates when you book with the airline for personal travel. You do not need a degree, but preference is given to those who have experience in customer service and know one or two languages. To start a potential career, you must complete certification courses or an on-the-job training program. You also have to prepare for a longer interview process when applying for jobs, Your first years in the job can be pretty tough. The hours are unpredictable, the starting salary is not high and it can weigh on relationships and families when called unexpectedly or missing out on Christmas. But after a few years you will have more control over your schedule and goals.

5. Busking

If at the other end of the scale you are happy to live an alternative lifestyle and play or sing an instrument, busking is an activity that you can do almost anywhere in the world. Revenues are often low and unreliable, but there are many lively festivals and events to attend. Europe's oldest street music festival takes place in the medieval city of Rome Ferrara during the summer in Italy, while Canada hosts several festivals throughout the year, including one in Halifax In August, this will take place on the coast.

One way to earn more money is to apply for one Busking permission or license in city centers like London. One of the most lucrative locations is the London Underground, There street musicians such as Ed Sheeran and Jessie J have appeared so you can be prepared for fierce competition during the application process.

6. Travel writer

It is one of the most desirable careers of travel enthusiasts – being paid to travel to different countries, plunge into local life and experiences, and then write about it. It offers a wealth of benefits, including free nights in hotels, free travel guides and discounts on just about everything.

However, it is not an easy career, especially if you want to earn your full time income. It's definitely helpful to start with a personal blog so you can demonstrate your writing experience. Keep thinking about it all the time Improvement of the writing quality by keeping journals of your experiences and reading all about traveling. Then you need a stubborn determination to write in newspapers and online magazines. It may seem like a slog at first glance, but gradually you will make contacts in the industry, which can lead to a regular place in a magazine or in commissions.

7. International helpers

Unlike a free stay in luxury hotels, participating in an international helper will help you get to know the more edgy pages of the countries you visit. If you work on this job, you have the chance to really influence communities, for example, to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon or give Tsunami disaster relief in Indonesia,

It helps to have a background in health work, social services or international relations. It is a physically and emotionally exhausting job, but it will teach you to deal with difficult situations, to give you a sense of satisfaction, and to give you an experience that stands out in a resume. You get access to places in the world that most people will never visit. Look at websites of organizations like Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross for job offers.

8. Foreign Officer

Another hard career path is working as a sales representative. There are embassies around the world where you can work, which gives you the opportunity to live and travel in other countries, especially as officers often get new seats every few years. According to the US State Department Careers WebsiteApplicants must have problem solving skills and are expected to be "round" to deal with serious issues such as immigration and disaster relief.

In order to get a foot in the door of the foreign service, you have to pass a foreign service test and make an oral assessment. Then there are many different positions and over 30 different career paths that you can follow. The US Department of State details on job applications and job availability on its website Careers Website,

9. Techie or roadie

Another way to travel around the world for free is to get a job as a techie or roadie on tour. The job has a romantic reputation as a party and one night fling, but it's also a lot of hard work involved. You have to take a course that can last from one to three years music technology Of course, at NYU Steinhardt, to become a sound or lighting engineer, and you also need some experience. Unfortunately, leaving a job often depends on contacts. The hours are long, but you will travel across continents, explore new places and meet many memorable people.

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