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We all evolve certain behaviors due to the impact of our work – the nurses tend to wash their hands more often than necessary, and the firefighters often check the stove buttons. bar owner are no exception. Over time, we carry the things we do at work time and time back into real life. From knowing what your Negroni likes to rejecting a check, you want to get to know seven habits barkeeper,

1. have extreme selective hearing

Like Pavlov and his dogs bar owner are trained to listen for certain sounds and to respond accordingly. It may be the sound of the front door, the printer is issuing a drink card or a bar stool pushing back. When you hear it, you stop what you are doing and become active immediately. On the other hand, we are also experts when it comes to making things out, especially the sounds of the bargain's conversations.

2. Always be prepared for any situation

If you are barkeeperYou never know how busy your bar is, because every night is a bit different. The absolute worst thing you can do is to assume that it will be a slow night. Because if you do, you will suddenly get confused. That's why we always prepare to be busy. We carry this readiness spirit into all areas of our lives. A simple trip to the beach means packing three different types of sunscreen, a book, a magazine, a Frisbee, a bottle and a giant water bottle.

3. The ability to order clearly

The largest group of animals of busy bar owner is undecided guests. We are happy to give you suggestions, but at the end of the day, just pick something! So we try to remember when it's our turn. Be direct, clear and try to order everything at once. The more adjustments and additions are made, the more likely it is that the staff or the kitchen makes a mistake.

4. To know how we like our drinks

In a related note, one of the advantages of being a barman has the opportunity to develop your taste buds. For example, bartenders know how to order martinis because we know how we like our martinis. We have to bite our tongues when we go out with non-bartender friends because they will ask five questions just to order a drink.

5. Respect for the expiration date

The Department of Health is a bartender "who should not be named". We religiously check the expiration dates of juices and milk because the only day you forget is the day the DOH performs a surprise inspection. In our daily lives, when we visit friends and their refrigerators are full of expired spices and old milk, it is enough to trigger a slight panic attack.

6. Be a radio dictator

If you bartendMusic is your fuel. A bad song can cause your energy level to crash and obstruct your flow. You must always have control over the playlist. However, this feature is not so attractive on road trips and at home parties. We must remember that our bar is not everywhere.

7. Never split checks

This does not mean that we do not all contribute money to a check, but a table with bar owner Will never drop six credit cards to split the bill. Either we all bar, Venmo or we treat our friends. We know how annoying it is for a server or a bartender to split multiple checks into multiple cards. We try to avoid this situation as a pride.

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