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How to Respond to Hotel Reviews: The Mixed Review


The majority of reviews on TripAdvisor, even some five-star ratings, express mixed feelings. Therefore, it is important to respond to as many reviews as possible. You want to show potential guests that your hotel is actively reading reviews, internalizing, and responding to reviews. And when potential customers see these mixed reviews, they also see your answers and get your page of history.

Answers to hotel reviews: The positive sandwich formula

Mixed hotel reviews are mostly free. One way to address mixed feedback is to use the positive sandwich method. By summarizing your answers to the negative remarks with positive statements, you can recognize and answer negative messages without emphasizing them.

1. Thanks to the guest
Address the guest by name and thank him for taking the time to write a review.

2. Mark the positive comments.

I am pleased that the guest has had a good experience with some aspects of his stay. This personalizes the message and reminds the reader that the guest has said good things about the hotel.

3. Address the negative comments.
Please apologize for the negative experiences listed in the rating and indicate which changes the hotel has made or intends to make.

4. Return to the positives.
Highlight another positive aspect of your stay. This surrounds the negative comments with positive statements. In this way, you can address the customer service issues without giving too much attention to unflattering information about your property.

5. Invite the guest to return.
This reminds reviewers and readers that you value your guests and your feedback. Even if this person has made negative statements online about your hotel, she is saying great things about you if you graciously accept the feedback.

Example from the real world

Here is an example of a guest who had mostly positive things to say in a newly opened hotel in Cincinnati. He or she found, however, that the employees did not meet the expectations:

A manager could react like this:

Dear Mustard333,
Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experiences at our hotel. We are so glad that you have found good accommodation in our hotel and that you have enjoyed the menu and food in the metropolis. Unfortunately, we do not seem to have met all your expectations. We certainly want to know more about it. If you wish, please contact me at the hotel or by e-mail at [email protected] Your feedback is very valuable to us as we work every day to get better. We are glad that you liked our company so much and we would be honored to welcome you back to our hotel in the future.
Yours sincerely,
Gerry L | Director General

When should I respond to mixed reviews?

While it's ideal to respond to any review your property gets online, not every hotel manager has the time to do so. As a rule, we recommend that you answer at least 50% of your mixed ratings, As fast as possible, be aware of the reviews you respond to so that you can minimize the number of people who see the negative comments without your response.

It is also helpful to one Online Reputation Management System that summarizes all your online reviews on one platform. That way you just have to go to one place to respond to everything.

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