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Hotels have found that specificity is the key to success in the modern hospitality world, and the state of the industry has never been so strong.

When one year becomes another, we are reminded of it as the last millennium gave way to the current year – when the tablet was introduced, and then the hotel industry began to change dramatically. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, developers and designers began to create hotels, not just to protect, but to meet almost every taste imaginable. It was a seismic shift of hospitality. The price was no longer the main factor that made up the substance and style of a hotel. Hotels for all budgets offered experiences of all kinds. You like bicycles? We have yours Bicycle hotel here, You like John Lennon? Do not say anything anymore, Liverpool accommodation you should have, How about "free, independent women"? appreciate, Do you really love the Hermitage in Russia? Now you can really love it in Los Angeles,

Discover revolutionary women and their respective eras at Les Dames du Pantheon in Paris, France.

Ah, but maybe you do not like motorcycles and Beatles and Czarist decadence in Beverly Hills. You may like the way it used to be, when there were fewer options and the hotels knew their place and did not try to force it Frank Gehry on you. We understand. Not every hotel is for everyone, and there is safety in the routine. Some people find a formula that works for them, and this formula could not contain it Hipsters in tents, Backpackers in hostels, or Foodie on Instagram, Whatever your passion, Tablet is about navigating the noise and helping you find the perfect hotel you,

But we are also big proponents of cultural and hospitality standards that are outside your comfort zone. I bet if you think about it, many of the most exciting travel moments in your life were likely to come from situations in which you let go of control – the times you left off track and let Providence guide your plans. No doubt it is good to travel while traveling, but the clearest memories are often the ones that came about by accident. from a source you did not expect. It is certainly no better time than now to change your delicate philosophy. The entire travel industry is moving away from conserved, unified experiences for all, moving toward the local, the personal and the spontaneous. You should too.

Frank Gherys unmistakable style at the Marquès de Riscal Hotel in Elciego, Spain.

Sometimes that's easier said than done. In the end, the most important thing is to be true to yourself. For every traveler who loves Work out lobbies and Palatial opulenceThere is someone who is more important to get away from here everything and everyone, We would not have it any different. That's why today's hotel landscape is so special.

Specificity is the name of the game in 2019. A slow clap that started in the 80s and 90s has now come to a full cook. What until recently was the minority – hotels that promise different experiences as opposed to a common familiarity – is now standard. Almost all of the new luxury hotels and boutique hotels present themselves with details that make them unique, be it a sincere connection to their surroundings, a suite of guest offerings that match the lifestyle, or a design that forms the interface between two Roads I never thought of before. The hotels hope that the guests go away because they have learned something new, not only because of the location outside. Who would have thought?

At Estancia Cristina in Argentine Patagonia away from it all.

This development is neither surprising nor particularly profound. Those who were responsible for creating hotels in this young century have simply realized that there is no reason for your accommodation to be a back seat to your destination – they can do it just as easily His the goal. If your location is desirable – for example, if you are in a strange landscape of lichens and long-slumbering lava fields on the edge of Þingvellir National Park in Iceland, it is probably good enough that your hotel is out of the way just cover the basics from. Luckily, some people decided to build a bold structure (shaped like a telephoto lens) that would be the main attraction, wherever it was placed.

As modern hotels are so much more than just a place to rest – with their own nightlife, food and art – they have been able to significantly increase the appeal of certain travel destinations. Boise is great, but thanks to the Modern hotel, a cultural center that produces and promotes local activities and events. Groups like 21c even set themselves the task of opening hotels that create an immediate art scene undersupplied and underrated American Cities For some travelers, the inauguration of a design-forward boutique hotel is almost a hallmark that gives legitimacy to a location. If 21c opens a hotel there, "there" must be worth a visit.

The telescopic design of the ION Adventure Hotel in Selfoss, Iceland.

And that kind of courage keeps us in the industry at the end of our second decade. We are lucky enough to have selected hotels as our passion years ago. Few industries have since changed so radically and for the better. According to the topic, the specificity will also be the mantra of Tablet in 2019. We promise to continue to avoid the passive and the indistinct, focusing instead on the particular and the precise. Mies van der Rohe said, "God is in the details." Whether it's a hotel, a restaurant, or a work of art, it's the little things that separate the good from the big. These are the things we want to celebrate now and forever.

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