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These eleven new hotels are breaking new ground with their service and design and will achieve a major breakthrough next year.

If you've been paying special attention to these sites lately, you know we're getting into the variety of hotel styles available worldwide. Every year we expect the boutique boom to slow down, but never. In fact, it is the opposite. Each year, hotels are finding more and more ways to reinvent themselves, more and more structures that can be reinvented, and more and more ways to differentiate themselves.

And so it will be in 2019. We have put together eleven of the most promising new hotels recently added to our selection. They are breaking new ground in an exciting new way – and we continue to be pleasantly surprised.

The Lalit

London, England

The Lalit - Boutique Hotel in London

The south bank of the River Thames east of London Bridge is new territory for tablet hotels. But a site like this is not part of everyday life – here, an India-based hotel brand has turned a seminal, late Victorian, redbrick high school into a luxury hotel proudly bearing the stylistic influence of its new owners. Lalit London defies the usual clubbiness of Victorian heritage hotels. Instead, opt for an immersive experience, from the stunning cobalt blue of the interior to the flavors offered at Baluchi, the hotel's modern Indian restaurant.

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Harmon guesthouse

Healdsburg, California

Harmon Guest House - a boutique hotel in Healdsburg

We've talked extensively on these pages about California's wine country hotels' startlingly insecure tendency to mimic backward-looking Tuscan or Provencal forms. Therefore, it is only fair that we pay tribute to those who are comfortable in today's California. Harmon Guest House is one of them – this ultra-modern boutique hotel in the heart of Healdsburg was designed by San Francisco architect David Baker. Like all the best of modernist inspired architecture, it could not have been built anywhere else.

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Villa Sielen Diva

Galle, Sri Lanka

Villa Sielen Diva - a boutique hotel in Galle

It is likely to write a dissertation on Sri Lanka's abundance of sleek, modernist hotels and villas, but our instinct is not to ask too deeply so we do not distract ourselves from the vital task of honoring them. The Villa Sielen Diva in the coastal village of Talpe, just outside of Galle, is worth to be appreciated: a seven-room hotel built in an uncompromising Modernist style, but designed by the family owners to create endless warmth and vibrancy on the crisp edges and concrete surfaces.

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Life House Little Havana

Miami, Florida

Life House Little Havana - a boutique Miami hotel

Outside the city, you might think that Miami Beach and Miami are one and the same. However, if you never enter the mainland, you will miss Little Havana, one of the most unique districts of Miami. This means that you must miss the Life House Little Havana, the first hotel of a hospitality start-up (!) That aims to provide a luxury boutique experience at a price that its competitors can not reach.

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Azulik Resort

Tulum, Mexico

Azulik Resort - Boutique Hotel in Tulum

Love, unity and understanding for everything and everyone – plus an optional beach for clothing and, most crucially, no children. In short, this is the charm of Azulik, an eco-friendly retreat located on the Caribbean coast of Tulum, a city that lies somewhere between the pristine idyll of an undiscovered escape and the exciting excitement of one of the region's hottest destinations. Azulik, like Tulum, is a bit of both; But the quiet atmosphere and rustic architecture, the ecologically sensitive approach and the comfort of the low-tech facilities are more relaxing than amusement.

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Small Albion Guest House

Sydney, Australia

Little Albion Guest House - a boutique hotel in Sydney

For years, the line in Surry Hills has been a hip neighborhood with more retail stores and independent art galleries than hotels. Come to think of it, this is still largely the case, but a hotel like the Little Albion Guest House will open the inner suburbs to travelers who usually come from more central neighborhoods. "Guest House" is a bit undercooked – although it offers a charming, inviting atmosphere, this is a true boutique hotel with style and comfort that few apartments can offer.

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25hours Hotel The Circle

Cologne, Germany

25Hours Hotel The Circle - Boutique Hotel in Cologne

We are old enough to remember that the "Design Hotels" in Germany were among the most conservative in the world, all of serious seriousness and reserved minimalism. That was, of course, before the beginning of the 25-hour era – this local boutique hotel chain has brought new life and rich personality to the hospitality industry in Germany and beyond. Now they have arrived with 25hours Hotel The Circle in Cologne, a bold new development of a landmark whose rotunda gives the Circle its name.

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Broke Paris

Paris, France

Hotel Brach - a boutique hotel in Paris

Tablet has been online long enough to see a number of developments in Philippe Starck's hospitality design career, and with Brach Paris we find him in a different mood – this hotel, which is in Paris 16, uses materials from the 1970s Years an unusual glamor matches the vintage of the building. This means shiny wood paneling, leather, metal, vibrant patterns in earthy colors and more or less mirror everywhere.

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North Adams, Massachusetts

Tourists - Boutique Hotel in North Adams

In the extreme northwest of Massachusetts, about equidistant from Boston and New York, the Berkshires are undergoing a kind of revival consisting of travel trending pieces. The former industrial city of North Adams is the second cultural destination, thanks to the renovation that accompanied MASS MoCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art. Outside the city center, on the road to neighboring Williamstown, you will find another piece of the recaptured Berkshire heritage: TOURISTS, a Sixties Motor Lodge reborn as a very modern, very hip little country boutique hotel.

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Le Barn

Bonelles, France

Le Barn - a boutique hotel in Bonelles

Think of a rural exodus near Paris, and you are probably thinking of a palace built by the aristocracy of the 18th century. As much as we love a good palace hotel, we also love hotels that have some freedom with expectations, and Le Barn is one of those hotels. Formerly a horse farm, it was redeveloped by a leading Paris design office. The result is a hotel that is both pleasantly rustic and refreshingly stylish at the same time. His buildings combine classic rural silhouettes with contemporary construction and details.

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Silena, the soulful hotel

South Tyrol, Italy

Silena, the Soulful Hotel - boutique hotel in South Tyrol

Although the national borders are of minor importance to the Alps – nature does not matter, whether in Italy or Austria or Switzerland – you know that you are on Italian territory when you come across a hotel with a name like Silena. The soulful Hotel. It is nothing, if not memorable, and in this way it is absolutely appropriate for a hotel that is as unique as this one.

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